Life Sciences / ‚ÄčIndustrial Biotechnology

REG is commercializing industrial biotechnology processes that provide cost-competitive, renewable alternatives to petroleum-based chemicals, fuels and other products to our customers. At the core of our technology are biological catalysts engineered to selectively convert abundant, renewable feedstocks directly to drop-in, advantaged and innovative products. For more information on our products click here.

Industry-leading research

  • Proprietary method for the synthesis of mid-to-long chain (8 to 18 carbon) chemicals; developed in our R&D laboratories in South San Francisco, CA.
  • Demonstrated expertise with biotechnology tools to optimize molecular composition to customer needs, for instance chemicals with tailored positioned hydroxyl groups.
  • Patented process covers the catalytic capabilities of microbial metabolism to produce targeted final products in an environmentally friendly fermentation process.

Production capacity

  • Demonstration-scale fermentation facility located in Florida can produce 200+ tons/year.
  • Proprietary technology enables the production of multiple products in our fermentation facility.

Diverse feedstock, low-GHG impact

  • The REG platform technology can use a variety of feedstocks to produce low-GHG performance molecules and replacements for palm-sourced oleochemicals.
  • Our process allows us to use low-cost feedstocks to produce sustainable, competitively-priced REG chemicals. Calculated low-carbon impact of glycerol feedstock for detergent alcohols 85 percent lower than incumbent products.
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